Dry Amla (150gm)

Nature KyoorTMAmla powder is prepared by procuring green Amla, de-seeding, dried under sun shadow or inside room as a case may be and packed having not chemicals or preservatives. For everyday health tonic, soak Nature Kyoor dry Amla in water over-night, juice up and use next morning.Amla is considered to be a good source of anti-oxidants and helping increase our body’s red blood cell count, it also helps maintain new tissues. It is great source of Vitamin C, iron and protein. Nature Kyoor Amla powder made up from Plants not In Plant.


Indian gooseberry (Amla).


  • Boost Immunity
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Consuming Amla powder makes hair thick
  • Prevents Greying Of Hair
  • Help in reducing Hairfall