NeemTulsi Hair Oil (125 ml)

Nature KyoorTMNeemTulsi hair oil is 100 percent natural, it’s a mixture of Yellow Mustard Seed Oil (expelled through KachiDhanni) , Neem, Tulsi Leaves , Curry Leaves (KadiPatta) having No Chemical and No Preservative added. It fights dandruff, protects against lice,nourish your scalp from deep within and your hair is strengthened from root to tip.

Message Nature KyoorTMTulsiNeem Hair Oil on your scalp, leave on for at least 30 minutes and rinse you hairs thoroughly.NeemTulsi Oil can be applied directly to your skin.


Yellow Mustard Seeds oil, Neem,Tulsi, Sweet Neem (KadiPatta)


  • Acts as an Antibacterial
  • Clearing up Skin Irritations
  • Reduce Hair Dandruff 
  • Prevent Dry Scalp